Trainings and Career Development

New Hire Training

The San Luis Ambulance new-hire training program consists of three sections.  The first section is the new-hire academy.  The second section is the third person ride-along, in essence a field internship.  The third section is a ninety-day peer mentoring program.

The new-hire academy is a one week (six day) combination of classroom and hands-on training.  Topics covered include an introduction to San Luis Ambulance, required HIPPA privacy training, SIMON e-PCR training, infection control, N-95 and P-100 mask fit testing, safety issues, radio operations, didactic and practical emergency vehicle operators course (EVOC), and hands-on practice with an ambulance and its equipment.

Once the academy has been successfully completed, the new-hires are assigned to eight shifts (five eight-hour and three twenty-four-hour) as a third person under the direction of a San Luis Ambulance Training Officer (TO).  The TO's, who are both EMTs and Paramedics, have been chosen because of their experience and desire to help mentor and train new personnel.  During these ride-along shifts, new personnel take their previous EMT or Paramedic training as well as the information gained during the academy, and put it into practice as a functional member of the San Luis Ambulance team.

After successful completion of the academy and ride-along shifts, new personnel are ready to start filling shifts, long-distance transfers, or stand-by assignments.  Their training does not stop there, however.  For the next ninety days, new personnel complete a daily evaluation sheet.  On the daily sheet, there is a section for their partner to complete, essentially making everyone who works with a new person a mentor.  We feel very strongly about mentorship as habits learned in the first few months ten to stay with an employee throughout their career.  We want those habits to be good ones, reinforced by experienced and tenured personnel.

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