December 6, 2007

Mr. Frank Kelton
San Luis Ambulance
P.O. Box 954
San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Dear Mr. Kelton,

Bob Kelley thanking San Luis Ambulance

I would like to commend your ambulance service and two of your staff members for extraordinary service and care that I received on November 16, 2007.

After having my wife drive me to the hospital in Templeton for chest pains it was immediately determined that I was suffering a heart attack. The doctors in the emergency room determined that I needed to get to Sierra Vista Hospital for additional treatment as soon as possible.

Your Paramedic unit out of Templeton was called to provide the transportation to Sierra Vista. Upon the arrival of the paramedics they immediately took charge of the transportation process and at the same time explained to my wife that she should go on to Sierra Vista as they would probably pass her enroute. I was transferred from the emergency room into the Paramedic unit and all of the equipment had been adjusted for the trip.

At this time, I felt comfortable and VERY confident that I was in good hands.

The next thing I recall are my eyes opening and looking at the large group of people at the rear of the ambulance and saying “we’re there already?” Much to my shock, I was told by the Paramedic that my heart had stopped and CPR had been administered. I was then taken back into the emergency room, stabilized and then transferred to Sierra Vista to have a clot removed from my heart.

It’s very plain and simple that Paramedics Brian B. and Jerry P., along with nurse Diane E., saved my life. I will be grateful to your company and great staff members for their commitment to emergency services and for saving my life. Please pass on my gratitude to Brian and Jerry.

Yours truly,
Bob Kelley

October 11, 2007

Ambulance Crew from Thursday morning,

High fives to each of you for taking such fabulous care of me after the bike/truck collision. All of you were so kind, quick and professional. Most of all, your actions reassured me so I was comfortable as possible. Though I only recall Mike’s name, my thanks go out to each of you there. Not the best introduction to having so recently moved here, but certainly wonderful to know such great people are in this community.

C. McC.

May 30, 2007

Chris Javine
San Luis Ambulance Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 954

San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Dear Chris,

I want to express my sincere thanks for the assistance you gave to us during the celebration of the annual Strawberry Festival in Arroyo Grande over this year’s Memorial Day weekend.

We appreciate you providing the Bike Medics, as it is very difficult to move through the enormous crowds on foot, let alone with an emergency vehicle. I would like to send a special thank you to Mike T., Chris A., Mike B., and Sean H. for providing this service at the Festival.

The degree of support and cooperation offered by San Luis Ambulance to our community is certainly appreciated.


M. E. H.
Director of Building and Fire/Fire Chief

February 22, 2007

Dear Ms. Mallett,

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to talk to the 8th graders of Laguna Middle School. It was interesting to hear all of the jobs, but I thought your job was the best. I am interested in the medical field and enjoyed listening about your job as a nurse. Your job sounds like it would be very rewarding. Your speech had the greatest impact on me since I want to be in the medical field, too. Working on an ambulance is hard and you have to stay awake for many hours, but by doing so you are contributing to the society by saving and helping many lives. I really appreciated you coming and speaking and I know that many other people will take an interest in the medical field.

L. G.

July 4, 2006

Dear Chief Jenkins, Chief Johnson, and Mr. Frank Kelton,

I am honored to write this letter of commendation for the personnel who responded on July 2, 2006 to a vehicle accident on Martingale Circle east of Paso Robles. These individuals came together from four different agencies, CDF, Paso Robles Fire, San Luis Ambulance and CHP, to cI am honored to write this letter of commendation for the personnel who responded on July 2, 2006 to a vehicle accident on Martingale Circle east of Paso Robles. These individuals came together from four different agencies, CDF, Paso Robles Fire, San Luis Ambulance, and CHP, to carry out the difficult task of extricating three patients with major injuries from a single vehicle accident. The accident involved the impaling of two patients with a single wooden fence board that had penetrated the two seats the patients were sitting in.

While conducting fire inspection and without warning, CDF Engine Company 36 came upon this complex incident. They immediately called for additional resources and began the long difficult task of extricating the patients by forcing entry into the vehicle, stabilizing the patients as well as assisting the two additional passengers in the vehicle. With the arrival of the Highway Patrol Officers, the second and third engine companies and two ambulances, this professional team of individuals had to cut the impaled object and then extricate the patients so they could be transported. It was clear upon my arrival at the conclusion of the incident that the emergency responders had brought order to a chaotic and challenging situation. They exemplified the very best that emergency services can provide.on G., San Luis Ambulance
Leslie S., San Luis Ambulance
Ryan G., San Luis Ambulance
Todd F., San Luis Ambulance
Mike G., San Luis Ambulance

R. L., Battalion Chief